Cividale del Friuli, 5-7 July 2012

XIII Iberian-Italian Congress of Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

Social event

The visit of Cividale will include the Cathedral ( century), the Christian Museum and Cathedral Treasure (including many masterpieces of Longobard medioeval art), the Longobard temple (the most important unique buiding, heritage of century) and if possible (due to lack of time) the National Archeological Museum (with many finds of Roman, Paleo-Christian, early medioeval, Romanesque and Gotic ages). The visit of Aquileia, capital of old Roman province X Regio Venetia et Histria, will include the Roman age archeological site and the Basilica with its wonderful Bizantyne mosaics. For more details consult for instanceà/Cividale-del-Friuli or /Aquileia.